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Jari Uotila, Head Neurofix-therapist

Now if you really want someone to professionally look after you and achieve the best possible result for you, make sure you speak with Jari.…..He’ll bring a really fresh approach to your health and wellbeing!

Having a throughout understanding of human nervous system and its undermined affects that it has on wellbeing and chronic illnesses has always been a key factor in achieving great results. Jari knows how outstanding results are made a reality with the right strategy and treatment.

Jari has had his own challenges with large surgeries on his legs and suffered from severe nerve pain for many years. But as a young athlete he refused to give up and decided to create a solution where all other treatments failed, gaining his health and mobility back. With 20 years of working with clients suffering from different neurological conditions and after a decade of studying and developing Jari has come to understand the puzzle of peripheral nervous system. Working together with Katri a new form of treatment was created called Neurofix-therapy. Neurofix-therapy has given outstanding results for over 6000 clients and has been medically tested.

So, when it comes to peripheral nerve related issues Jari is the person to turn to. And when someone is confident enough to recommend Jari to their friends or family there can be no higher compliment for him.

Jari treats every client with respect and integrity so they become clients for life.

If you are looking for someone who lives and breathes Neurofix-therapy, look no further than Katri!
With over 10 years’ experience in working and creating Neurofix-therapy together with Jari, her love for what she does shines through in every aspect of her work and her clients benefit from her genuine passion for the industry.
Katri is a dynamic professional who is committed to achieving the best possible outcome for her clients. Katri is a very warm, open and compassionate Neurofix-therapist. Along with vision and a super sensitive eye and touch for detail, she will have you exited about the process to follow.

Katri also takes care of all the marketing, contracts, medical studies and the technical aspects of the business.
Katri Uotila, Neurofix-therapist

Our Story

Jari was a 20-year-old young promising athlete in track and field sports with many Finnish championships to his name. Jari attended the finish military until he started to have severe pain in his legs. The pain got so bad that he couldn’t even walk. X-rays revealed that there were several hairline fractures in his tibias and the legs were badly inflamed. A Finnish top orthopedic surgeon operated on Jaris legs by cutting through the shins and drilling several holes in tibia/shin bones, but the operation didn’t get the results that were hoped for.

The pain got worse and turned into constant chronic nerve pain. The doctors couldn’t give much hope of Jari walking without crutches ever again, the young man got his dreams shattered of ever being a professional athlete! Jari tried everything from medications to all possible treatments and additional therapies, but nothing seemed to work. Only relief that he got was from treatments that vaguely treated the nervous system.

Jari was at a crossroads either give up and give in to live a life of chronic pain or to find a solution and a way to rehabilitate himself. Jari decided to fight and find a solution! He began to study how nerves work by first attending to neuro massage classes that were based on acupuncture and meridians, but that wasn’t enough. He turned into neuroanatomy and it was then when he found the answers he was looking for and so he began developing his own method and Neurofix was born!

Jari has been working and developing Neurofix-method since 2005. Katri joined the team at 2012 as Jaris personal Neurofix -therapist, but soon people from her family and friends required neurological help too. Jaris condition improved quickly and he got free from constant pain and was able to start working out again and even start jogging! His legs turned from cold stiff rubber to warm and elastic normal legs. Only the scars are a reminder from the painful past and of the decision to never give up! At that point it was clear that Neurofix had enormous potential and had to be taken further!

By the years we have encountered thousands of complex health conditions that are in many cases from an unidentified source and become experts on defining neurology-based symptoms and treating people as their last resort when everything else has fallen short from other treatments. That is simply because no other treatment in the world focuses solely on the nervous system. Nervous system has an undermined potential to find solutions in global chronic symptoms from chronic pain to mobility restrictions, from prevention of the chronic conditions to recovery from surgery/trauma.

We have been working hard to get data from many different sources like a medical study to back the incredible results our customers have had. The results are outstanding! Our next goal is to take our knowledge to the world and start educating more Neurofix -therapists to provide help for people in need worldwide.

Our Mission

Elitner health’s mission is to create and promote a new way of treating, understanding, and diagnosing neurological dysfunctions. Neurofix is an exclusive solution for chronic and complex health conditions that provides long-term and permanent results.