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We will make an analysis of your symptoms and medical history where we explain how it all correlates to your nervous system. Based on the analysis you can then determine if Neurofix-therapy is the right treatment method for you!

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How old are you?

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What symptoms do you have?

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what different diagnoses have you got?

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How long have you been suffering from pain/functionality related issues? and do you feel your symptoms are progressing?

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From scale 1-10 how mutch does your symptoms affect your life (work, hobbies, every day life)?

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List all surgeries and traumas that you have had in your life and when.

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what treatments (medications, therapies, etc.) are you currently using?

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Do you have one or more of the following?

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What would a better health mean to you?

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The treatment plan usually takes from 3 months to a year (depending on the severity). Are you ready to make a commitment and investment in your future and health?

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Anything else we need to know about your health?

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